Cutting-edge enterprise, a booming economy, a dynamic, historic city, and a world-famous university. Oxfordshire excels in so many ways.  If you bring an exceptional level of talent, so can you.

New investment from the private sector and central government takes our £500m proposition to a multi-billion venture. With this, we’re reinventing our entire transport and connectivity network, and we’re building 100,000 new homes by 2031. Simply, it’s about making life and work in Oxfordshire, the best it can be.

The scale of opportunity is unparalleled. The challenge is growing. And it’s more exciting by the day. Help us excel as we change. Engage with politicians and help them lead the way. Collaborate, innovate, and hit the ground running.

Career-defining moments like this are rare. If you combine leadership with political acumen – as well as advanced technical and people skills – you could be just who we’re looking for.

We’re planning a brilliant future. Why not join us?

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Bev Hindle
Strategic Director of Communities